Yelling at Stupid People


So, i told a woman to shut up because she was stupid at election training last night. how much do you want to be she will be the person at the table with me? cool thing is that my parents can bring me in food for dinner. awesome. or maybe i will make my brother bring me something. i do not like brown bagging 2 meals in one day. it is too monotonous.
i still have 1 1/2 articles and 1 1/2 books to read before planning out my oral tomorrow. i may go in with me Dad instead of me Mum for the extra hour in the morning. will depend what time i fall asleep.
i have hurt my ankle and hence have not been going to Cardio class. next week i will go whether it is better or not because i have now missed 3 and want to get my money’s worse.
I went shopping today. Boought Merav, my Dad’s and part of Steve’s birthday present. I love Zellers except, shocker here, they don’t take American Express.
Hmmm…i just remembered that i have a clementine in my bag. Cool. I also bought coffee for the lounge at the LAC. Yum. Can’t eat fruit and type simultaneously. Will post tomorrow most likely. if not you will have to wait until Friday. Cope dearests.


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