I know some of you were worried. No need.
Unfortunately, i have been recovering from the emotional episode last week. This has meant a lot of sleeping and not a lot of homework doing. Hopefully i will be okay for my oral on Thursday.
I am posting in class, yet again. My professor was late again, but he is not reiterating all last class. That’s a good start.
My Cardio Plus class was cancelled today. Meaning i never took a shower and got changed after class. I am now stuck in stained jogging pants and a Pooh pro-Israeli t-shirt. Probably better that i didn’t go outside with wet hair today considering it’s -30 outside. I love how in Montreal that isn’t a exaggeration.
I ate too much this weekend. Crepes, paella and St-Hubert BBQ. It was yummy though. i also got running shoes for my class from my Mom.
Tomorrow is my training for the election.
Okay, i cannot blog, take notes and run two MSN conversations simultaneously. Maybe later or tomorrow.

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