boom boom


ain’t it great to be crazy? boom boom ain’t it great to be crazy? Silly and foolish all day long…boom boom ain’t it great to be…CRAZY.
So, my parents are now aware of the amount i am losing my mind. wednesday night’s talk degraded quickly into be bawling my eyes out. An attempt is going to be made for me not to have to work next semester. It will be a group effort of my trying to get a very well paying job over the summer and their trying to cut expenses to be able to pay for more of my expenses (like books).
Steve is currently here putting down a new floor in the entryway. I am supposed to be doing homework, but after 10 pages of Burckhardt i tried to take a nap. After Steve fell through the ceiling in the basement (what a rude way to be awakened!) i have made myself a cup of coffee/hot chocolate and am trying to get back into the groove of things.
Last night we watched the Godfather Part II and Maurice Richard. The latter was very good. The only problem was that, in a tale of French-Canadians overcoming oppression, which i recognize was the case in the 40s and 50s, they used passe simple in the subtitles and captions. passe simple? have the writers never heard of Michel Tremblay? Of verity of expression? No one uses passe simple! I was a little appalled at this out-dated, France oriented convention cropping up in an otherwise uplifting movie of triumph by a minority. Oh well, it can’t be perfect.
okay, i will return to readings. i have a seminar to prepare to give on Thursday and a paper due the monday because i get an extra week-end since i am the one giving the talk on Thursday. Lucky. I also have another 13 lines of the Aeneid and over 100 pages of Violence and Disorder in the Late Medieval Era to read. I had better get cracking. I am going with my Mum to buy some running shoes for my cardio class.
Oh, and i have figured out why i am so much less productive than i was in CEGEP…i am having too much fun. Living the life of the ascetic is more conducive to the academic life. i am working on returning to that “no fun” mantra. notice that i was unsuccessful because i permitted myself a nap this afternoon. oh well.


2 thoughts on “boom boom

  1. But then, what’s more important, fun or dry horrible academia (shudder). Sorry, I’m having issues with Burkhardt. Sure it’s pretty and nice and everything but UGGGGH! I guess i’m just stupid and not cut out for academia, but I can’t stand the fact that his thesis is kind of half assedly thrown here and there, after 300 pages it should be CLEAR and PRECISE. His development of it is worse than a top spinning randomly over an idea (how metaphysical), and it’s FILLED with him just showing off all these little details he read. Oh and don’t even get me STARTED about how up to this point he’s being UBER Hegelian (I H8 Hegel) and hasn’t mentioned the monastic tradition and how that’s connected with the Renaissance ONCE. He assumes that he can talk of the “Italians” as a people coming to self-consciousness, when prior to them was the “Monastics” which you could speak about in the same way. AAAAARGH I swear, I can’t wait to just plunge myself into Cervantes studies, at least THERE was a man who either made sense, or realized that when he wasn’t, there was a huge value to entertainment and beauty and making the reader have a good time. Rant done.

  2. wickedfirst of all, that is really the rant.

    second, Heather, I believe there should be a balance of fun and work. Because all work and no play … well watch the shining and figure it out.

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