again posting in class


but this time it’s mine. it’s now half an hour into class and the professor has only just begun covering material that he didn’t already go over in deep detail last time.
the military history guy (AND HE’S AT CONCORDIA?!) is in this class. Ugh.
i am supposed to be going home tonight to talk over what is happening with my parents. i don’t know what/when is going on. it’s the job that is posing the most of the problem. i am slowly getting used to having been thrown out. i am not sure it is even a good idea to go back. all the people who live on their own seem to feel i should flee the negative situation if it is affecting my grades, which it is, while those who are still at home seem to feel i should make an effort to work through it. i have a proposed middle ground: moving out after this semester when i have some money behind me.
better news: i am going to be working the election. i need to be at a training session on the 17th in Terrebonne at 18h45. This will mean leaving a class i look forward to early. oh well.
If you are interested in an odd historical character, look up SULLA on he is quite a card. possibly unlimited power given over freely.
That’s enough for now. Until last night this post was going to be about why i am going to hell, maybe inspiration will strike again in the future.


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