i am sitting in Prof. Gittes’ class on Inferno. I should be paying more attention. However, i had a pretty okay idea on the metro this morning about how snow is different for us non-urbanites.
Snow is quietness. It is a complete and total quietness created by the muffling. This barrier between yourself and the rest of the world is only heightened by the intensity of snow’s colour. What else is that white? What else that stark, that bright, yet blocking out all other sights? Lying in freshly fallen snow is like lying awake at night in the complete stillness of a dark house surrounded by warm covers. Snow is somehow warm and cold simultaneously. It is also both permanent and transitory. It can take hours to shovel out a driveway, yet all that work will disappear when on it’s own. it’s only water, right?
The best part of a snowy day is the quiet. This quiet permits an intenseness of feeling. As a child, did you not feel like the only people on the planet when playing in the vast white wasteland? Snow is malleable. Peals of laughter are louder, brighter and more resonant on a snowy day.
Well, that wasn’t successful. I shouldn’t try to blog and take notes on class at the same time.
I will share something a little more amusing. The motto written on my LATIN dictionary is: The Foremost Authority on the Language of TODAY.


3 thoughts on “snow

  1. You know, I really wish you had given me a better entry to make my triumphant return on. Instead you talk about snow. And it’s snowing here and I have to go food shopping. Anyway my love, how are you? I just spent the last little while catching up on your entries as I was not able to follow during the break. We should have gotten together this past week, I forgot you were at school. I just got back to Lennoxville yesterday evening. I start tomorrow, and it’s my wonderful 12 hour day. I’m so excited to spend 12 hours at school, 7.5 of which are in class. anyway, thanks for the card.

  2. So, you decided to go to the inferno lecture thing today huh. I emailed you back. I liked the snow a hell of a lot more when I was in Rosemere, it is gross in the city.

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