Damn that Lisa!


Damn you Lisa! Those strawberry turn-overs were too good. How was i to resist? And now i am feeling guilty about it. Watching the Cinderella Special Features was fun. The Aristocats was better.
My Dad has said he will pay to get my car fixed. This is good because i did not have the money. I am so fed-up with that goddamn car! I am convinced it hates me. Now i am stuck at home waiting for someone to give me a lift. It works just enough to give me a taste for the independence it provides. Ugh. On a more cheerful note, pushing it up our inclined driverway last night probably counted as exercise.
I am only half-way through Burckhardt and i absolutely wanted to be done by the end of the week-end. Not a good start. I did make the Linguine though (too much pasta in the pasta-sauce ratio makes for tastelessness – better luck next time) and two types of soup. Meaning i am provisioned for the entire week.
I cannot decide whether or not to go to the Dante lecture on Wednesday. I cannot go to the Thursday morning one because of work. I do not particularly feel like being stuck in town all evening Wednesday, but the lecture might actually be interesting. I still have two days to decide though.
The highlight of last night was sorting through 45 flavours of Jelly Bellys trying to figure out which was which. It was great. So unacademic, so mindless, so pointless, so instantly gratifying when you were right. I loved it.
Well, i had better go comb my hair or else it will dry all matted. I had also better go finish up some more work before Steve calls. At least he will be happy that with my Dad paying for the repairs i will be able to lend him the money for his car payment as planned.

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