Dieting and Schoolwork


Today is about getting lots of schoolwork done. It is also about making soup. Lots of soup. And pasta for dinner for the whole family.
I did some research into the cabbage soup diet. It is essentially the diet i went on in CEGEP and lost 30 lbs with, except i didn’t restrict myself to cabbage soup, but at all types of soup. I guess i will be going back to the same.
Last night i watched many episodes of Season 4 of the Gilmore Girls with My Mum and Dad. It was fun. I could not fall asleep afterwards however, as all i could think about what food. I should not plan on cooking at the same time as i am attempting to diet.
Thursday night was fun. I got way too hammered on 2 Southern Comforts and Ginger Ale. I ended up yelling at Steve. Yup yup. fun time.
On another note. Sandra keeps calling me. She just signed in to MSN and is already bothering me. She wants to do something today – but today is cooking and schoolwork. Not eating or hanging out with Sandra.
Yesterday we went to Walmart. I bought watch batteries, nylons and camisoles as well as soap for Steve. Exciting i know. I have Latin and Italian Renaissance homework to do. I am going to work on the Latin, then make cream of carrot soup, then read some, then go grocery shopping, then read some more. i need to eat lunch somewhere in there.
this is possibly the most scattered entry i have ever accomplished. i am all over the place. maybe i will do a better post this evening after hanging out with Lisa.

4 thoughts on “Dieting and Schoolwork

  1. Hey Heather. Yes, you did indeed find me. It’s very cool to hear from you. Don’t worry I don’t think you’re a stalker.

    By the way, hope you don’t mind me adding you to my blog list. Your blog just seems so interesting.

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