That’ll teach me…


This past year has been one of many lessons learned. Primarily, that trying to be nice to people does not work out. Now, i know that sounds cynical – but you will remember that is also the title of this whole blog “The Idealist’s Downward Spiral into Cynicism.” This is actually the first entry on this particular theme.
In June i stupidly said yes to going out with Sandra for an ice cream cone one weekend. She had invited me to do something at least 7 times before. Sandra is mildly handicapped. Like a 12 year-old. We finally went out another 4 weeks later. I was dragging my feet. It wasn’t that bad. Then, she invited me to her birthday party three weeks before the big day: a murder mystery whom no one else i knew was attending. There has been a post about this. It was actually surprisingly not painful. She now continues to call every couple of weeks. She says she hopes i will not be like all her “other” friends who always ditch her. I do not have time for this. I do not see my grandmothers, my parents, my friends or even Steve enough, let alone actually commit enough time to school. She does not get the point. That will teach me.
A similar incident. During the summer, i received a pamphlet from the Council of Canadians regarding Water Rights in Canada. I decided to investigate their organization. They meet at Concordia the first Wednesday of every month and are a very leftist (but not so far as to be communist) group. I like their platforms, so i went to a meeting. It was filled with 7 elderly socialists. Apparently, some of the larger chapters are actually semi-effectual, but head office dictates a lot of policies. Not my cup of tea. I continue to receive emails from the members on a regular basis inviting me to meetings, wishing me well, etc. Will they ever get the point? I recount a load of bullshit about other obligations (ok, they are actually true, but i am heaping it on), but they won’t let up.
So, despite my general dislike for New Years and any resolutions: I resolve to not be so nice to wounded birds/organizations in this upcoming year. Truer to my cranky self i will be. Hopefully this will permit me to devote more time to be nicer to those i either love or must live with (like you darlings, and the ever present in-laws).


3 thoughts on “That’ll teach me…

  1. To quote Ayn Rand, who although I disagree with some of her stuff, is at times lucid and quite wonderful:

    ” ‘So what would you tell him, that great Titan who had the world on his shoulders, his knees and back bleeding from the strain, sweat dripping down his face and pain contorting every move of his body, while those on the earth above simply felt as if they were “entitled” to this priviledge? What if those people didn’t give a damn about what he was doing and simply felt it was their RIGHT to have the world held up and spun for them, though they had done nothing to deserve it?’

    ‘I’d tell him to shrug his shoulders, and walk away’ “

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