well, after much tweaking, i must say that i am actually rather pleased with the outcome. let me know which of the two layouts you prefer. the good news is that i know understand quite a bit more about how blogger templates work. i might one day be able to work on my own.
I finished the book i wanted to finish, i also finished my final project in music history. it just needs to be printed and dropped off at my professor’s house on monday. of course, that also means that i need to find the address. you are surprised that finding the address will most likely be a problem aren’t you?
on another more exciting note: Lisa’s grandmother rocks. She have Lisa $50 to take me out for lunch and gift certificates to the movies. Woohoo. I bought the two dictionaries i wanted, lounged with Lisa, finished my paper and read some yesterday before going to get Lisa at work. Then we went to Elixor (yummy leftovers too!) and then we went to see The Family Stone. It was good. it was definitely a Christmas movie, but it was good. i would not have been thrilled had it cost full-ticket on Friday, but as a free movie (hehe) or a cheapie tuesday movie it was good.
Steve was supposed to go snowboarding yesterday but it never panned out so he just ended up going with his friends to nickels for dinner. this means that i ate better than him. yeah.
Well, it is already getting kind of late in the morning and there is a shower to take and reading to do. i was supposed to work on stuff for the office during this week, but that never happened. maybe later this afternoon or tomorrow evening before going to bed.


One thought on “changes

  1. Featherina, I just dropped mine off at Nixy’s today. It’s not hard to find, she’s right next to Bar Des Pins (BDP- Savoy’s everyday hangout). 3694 Parc, basically at the corner of Pine. Your best bet is to go up Parc from Sherbrooke or Milton, find parking if you can (no pun intended) and walk up, she’s on the left hand side if you’re walking up. She’s a few doors past “La cite” apartments. Bottom floor, green door, letter slot in door. You might have to take out a sock that’s blocking the letter slot to be able to throw yours in, that’s what I had to do anyways. Well then, it’s off to Pat’s for a new year’s drink. Ciao, Happy Donkey. Yes, the French year can take an accent and have have only one n and one e if I want it to :p

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