Christmas #2


So, apparently my “friends” are mocking me. Nice. it’s always good to know that you are being mocked.
To continue where i left off yesterday in the Christmas adventure. Christmas morning i opened presents with my parents after waking up with quite a cotton-mouth and headache. I tried to turn off a lamp that was not even on because it was hurting my eyes. I think i was a tad hungover. I got some nice loot. A deskchair that is supposed to be assembled by the time i get back, a sweater, a pair of jeans, a dressshirt, a necklace watch (i will be able to type without worrying about losing my watch!), a beautiful scarf, hat and mitt set, a pair of “satin” pyjamas, Cinderella…the list continues. Then we came to my aunt’s. Lunch was fantastic. All the stuff that just says Christmas is sparkly lights, mashed carrots and turnip, brussel sprouts, turkey, cranberry sauce. yum. i got more good loot. the tea ball was the best. we are planning on going to Chapters to use the gift cards i got on a new latin dictionary.
Then we went to my other aunt’s. The food was not as good. she made fudge. i like fudge. my aunt lorraine had made trifle though. i like trifle more than i like fudge. the evening would have been much nicer if my grandfather had not started it by telling me that my Dad could go fuck himself for not wishing my grandparents a merry christmas. anyone who knows how much my Dad worries and cares for his aging parents will realize that there is no way my Dad forgot to wish them a merry christmas. my grandfather is going deaf is the problem. the also stank of guinea pig cage. i was not a good kid and hid a lot to get away from the smell. they should be in a nursing home.
we came back to my aunt’s after getting lost in Ottawa. We listened to the Rent Soundtrack (just my Mum and me, my brother and Dad took my grandparents home). We drank more tea and went to bed.
yesterday we spent the day with my grandmother. she smells great by the way. she made us lamb and pork chops. i had homemade apple sauce for dinner. we took naps in the afternoon. i beat my aunt and mom 8-2 at cribbage with my Nana. we rock. we play a lot more than either of them, but i always get put on my grandmother’s team on these things because people forget that i play online and am actually much better than they would suppose. we came back here after dinner and i watched Cinderella in bed.
this morning is shopping. i am supposed to be home around 7:30. Hopefully Steve will have dropped off my purse at the house so i may go out and see Veronica before she leaves for Ohio. I know this is a very long and detailed account of Christmas, but i was enjoying myself the whole time and i hope that shows.
I have managed to read a whole 50 pages of the first school book i was trying to read over the break. What break? it’s already almost over!


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