I love Christmas. Even when i am not happy about the presents i bought people i still love the feeling of spending a whole day with the people who knew you as a kid. they have some of the best outlooks on what you are actually like.

The 23rd with Lisa and Veronica was great. We were so at a loss for stuff to do (not a bad thing) that before dinner V & I wrapped fifteen boxes of Tic-Tacs. We wrapped them in ribbon, brown paper, a photocopy of a ten dollar bill, duct tape…anything you could think of. it was a blast, tedious, but a blast. We ate good food, tried to convince Luba we were on drugs. i squeaked the word “tea” at my super-sonic highpitch volume until Lisa could not stop laughing. it was fun. we ate more (clodhoppers) and watched some gilmore girls.

Despite Steve’s waiting until the very last minute to get my Christmas presents, i must say i was pleasantly impressed. The top two items on my list: a body pillow and That 70’s Show Season 3. He made sure someone else (his cousin) got me the other item i REALLY wanted: the rent soundtrack (yes, i will burn you a copy Lisa). His Mom must have been sufficiently shamed by the nice presents i bought his family last year, because i got a beautiful beige and white striped angora sweater. it is a little itchyy, but beautiful.

I had a nice conversation with his cousin about learning languages, work, etc. She is nice and will be added to my MSN. I knew she was nice beforehand, but i didn’t know her MSN sign-in name.

I was a little drunk, my eyes were burning from all the chainsmoking and i had a body pillow and a garbage bag of loot when i walked out the door – did you notice what’s missing? no, not a coat, i have lots of coats that wouldn’t be a problem. I forgot my purse there.
i will end on that note for now. Me Mum and me infamous Auntie Lorraine are up. Happy Boxing Day. Updates on the Christmas Adventure will follow in the not-so-distant future.


One thought on “Christmas

  1. Lisa and I were mocking you in the blog that I had just written that disappeared that was really entertaining and I am so upset and do not want to write it all again

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