i should go back to subway…


wow. i haven’t been this physically tired since working at subway. i worked all day; it was hell. i brought work home for the week off because i do not want to have to deal with it when i get back. i must do said work on the sly because otherwise a certain father-figure will be mad.

The Chapters at Rockland closed some time ago – news to me. We were supposed to go at lunch, but as it was not there right after work we rushed out to Fairview. My grandmother now has Christmas presents from my parents. Then i came home and had some Chef Boyardee. Then we went to the Metro to buy supplies for the baking extravaganza. I have made chocolate brittle, shortbread, peanut butter cookies and sucre a la creme, plus wrapped it all in a 3 hour period. your applause is appreciated. Note to self: do not place baked goods outside to cool if it is snowing, no matter how lightly.

I yelled at someone today. I do not know who this person was. I thought it was Lisa and Veronica whom i had just spoken to ten minutes beforehand about when i would be able to give them an ETA for Christmas tomorrow. I told my brother in a very loud voice to tell “Lisa” i was busy and would call her back. It was not Lisa. I have no idea who it was. I am sorry unknown caller.

Yeah, so my feet are swollen. I still have some wrapping to do. I have to wait for the cookies to cool before going to bed. Apparently the brittle is best kept refrigerated, but i don’t have room in the fridge and i don’t think the cookies are best-kept refrigerated. However, brittle is supposed to be all stuck together in my mind. i still have six presents to wrap.

Funness is that i just figured out that i do not have to go downstairs to ask my brother to lend my his digital camera for tomorrow – Lisa has one. Yeah!

I need sleep. i am going to read for a little bit and then off to bed


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