I promised myself that i would let myself blog between taking notes for the essay question i am prepping and actually trying to outline the sucker. woohoo. what a great break. i think i might go get a chocolate bar or something as a real treat.

Yesterday Steve and I went to the Marche aux Puces in Ste-Eustache. We were shopping for winter coats for him. We were not successful. We came back to my place and goofed off downloading music to make him a new CD. We were going to go out to La Belle Province for dinner (sharing a poutine – how romantic… – it is. if you will remember our first date Vero), but we ended up going over to his friends’ new apartment for dinner. She made some kickass italian sausage sandwiches. I know that doesn’t sound too kick ass, but i watched her make them and when i do it for you, you’ll agree. She also made cheesecake with an all-natural raspberry glaze. yum.

Another one of his friends showed up. Apparently a construction worker has a woosy job. this is news to me, so i guess Steve and i are history because i wouldn’t want to be seeing a woos. It was a pretty funny conversation. The guy delivers food to restaurants for a living and apparently it is a very sore spot for him that construction workers think he doesn’t have a hard job. Steve says it is a rant that just keeps going.

Well, i have brownies in the oven, a cup of tea, tea biscuits and a blueberry candy cane…i have no more reason to put off prepping the last question of the exam. wish me luck


3 thoughts on “Breaktime

  1. do you think you have enough to eat? My my what a treat it must be to study being Heather. All i gets carrots and water….lol. jokes. nice to hear you had a good time. I have come up with a partial side and will discuss the idea with you at some point.
    good luck on the test.

  2. Woos? Don’t you mean Wuss? Woos makes more a w-ooooooooo-ssss sound whereas the u gives that shorter sound. I dunno i’m just being Bryan. Anyways off to clean room now, lucks wished on middle east exam, for music, dont worry, you’ll be fine and therefore you dont need luck

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