I just got a copy from one of my profs of a syllabus for a 400-level class i signed up for in the new year. I was hoping to get a little ahead by doing some reading over the break (a whopping 2 weeks!). Ha. I have no idea how i am going to do that much reading for one class, and i have another class at the 400 level too. I am going to bomb. Crash and burn baby, crash and burn. Best of all, it was finalized this morning that i am going to be working 8 hours a week. Where will i find the time to do all this? It is a reduction by half, but i think i have almost doubled my course workload. Damn.

I filled out an in-course bursary scholarship form this evening. Tomorrow i have to go take photocopies of some documents and send them in to school. I will be buying stamps then. You may check your mail boxes accordingly.

I plan on watching CSI even though i really shouldn’t because i have two exams to prep for. i am secretly hoping Steve works this week-end so i can get more done.

Handel’s Messiah was pretty cool. I got shivers quite a few times, which is always a sign it is good, but i swear that i was surrounded by children. This couple wouldn’t stop talking, the girl behind me kicked me twice, the lady two seats of kept taking her pen in and out of her purse. It was infuriating. The choral pieces were very impressive. The solos were difficult to understand and often too long-winded for my taste. I have particular reproach for the Soprano, Suzie Leblanc, who was also the Soprano at the Mozart Requiem Mass. You could not understand a word she said, and in Handel, it mattered. Guess what she does for a living? You got it, teach Baroque singing at one of the French Universities in Montreal – surprise surprise.

I was paid for an extra 1 and 3/4 on my pay check. i love little surprised because someone fucked up. Lovely. i did not take lunch today and spent the majority of the day fighting with some asshole at giant tiger who thought he could play mind games via email with me and win. he didn’t. i got outright rude and he ended up calling me Dad, who told him off for playing games and not answering the goddamn question. i love winning.

Nothing else of import going on. Like i said, i have too much to do, but am going to waste time nonetheless.

2 thoughts on “Worries

  1. True. But it’s in time WASTING that life really happens :p I’m glad you liked Handel, I wish I could’ve gone. I’m deviating from our clone-concert plan by going to the nutcracker on saturday :p

    Modes and Spanish tomrrow, both of which I havne’t studied NEARLY enough for… le sigh.

  2. Hello. I like to win to. CSI was a repeat last night I was very disappointed as I was feverish and in the mood to sit around. I am not feeling all that well which sucks. I did go out though which you can read about on my blog.

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