a day of fasting


today i spent 24 hours without eating. i usually consider such endeavours pretty quacky, but i haven’t been feeling well for the past little while and thought maybe it would help. you know, cleanse my system, etc. can’t say it did much good. i felt fine when i finally ate something, but i still spent the next 3 hours concious of myself digesting. my stomach makes noises. it was probably a good idea anyways because i have eaten so much lately and been drinking more than my usual. no point in getting fat before the holidays.

And, in response to overwhelming popular demand:

My Christmas wish list

• Digital camera
• Ipod
• Laser hair removal of underarms
• Desk chair
• Printer
• Expresso maker with foamer
• Collins Italian Dictionary
• That 70s Show Season 3
• The O.C. Season 2

• Brown leather belt
• Cinderella
• Madagascar
• Toy Story
• Umbrella (long one, not a laser sword)
• Silk/satin pyjamas

Not Very Expensive at all:
• Second Cup Gift Certificates
• Beauty Products from Lush – but no moisturizers
• Warm socks
• A tea-ball
• Herbal tea (not chamomile or citrus flavours)
• Cream blush
• Hair clips (the mouth w/teeth like ones that can go around a pony-tail too)
• Hard candy (not no citrus flavours)

When in Doubt:
• No candles, cookbooks or keychains pls.
• If it’s soft or warm (or ideally both) I will like it.
• I only purchase beauty products that are not tested on animals and encourage you to do the same, particularly if you intend for me to be using them.


4 thoughts on “a day of fasting

  1. So first off, I’m confused: did you want citrus flavour hard candy? or no citrus flavour? I think the laser removal is a classy touch. I could do it for you for free. I learnt how to make a laser when I was in the joint.
    And next time you want to cleanse your system, take some ex-lax or a diarrhettic.
    And I don’t know if I should be disappointed or proud: the O.C.? Never took you for one of them

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