it’s a wonderful life


i am watching it for the first time. it has been on for all of ten minutes and i am already crying. i am going to be a blubbering idiot before the end i am sure.

i spent the whole day writing exams except for a brief intermission to eat lunch with Bryan, whom, apparently, is considering being converted into the blogging community. aha! i can be influential. of course, this will mean were thoughtful blogs on my part. not a bad thing overall.

results of today’s exams: not too bad on history of china. possibility for good mark on the horizon. fucked up on italian. not because i slacked out of studying but because i was so focused on history of china, which i had to be to have any chance of success, that i knew the answers i was blanking on should have been easy to remember. i hate this feeling. oh well. nothing i can do.

Steve and i went out to dinner. i convinced him to tried capellini instead of spaghetti because he is always complaining when his parents cook spaghetti instead of spaghettini. he was thrilled. i thought it was pretty funny.

Now Lisa, i know that promised i would post my Christmas list, but i have to get it from me Mum and she is watching the movie with me so you will just have to wait until tomorrow.


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