i was just perusing the current article on MSN about how people’s Myspace accounts are being used by the media after disaster strikes (i.e. the teen murder his girlfriend’s parents, heroine overdose, etc). Yeah. I am amazed that this even causes a buzz. Interviewing friends and family has always been fair game, just nobody ever talked, and who posts the truly private into the public domain anyway?

On another note, i am waiting to go to the office christmas party. i have made a tremendous effort – mascara and lipstick folks. be impressed. georgia has already scolded me for not looking my best once because i am only wearing a skirt and a bright pink sweater. speaking of pink, i bought two girlfriends of mine xmas presents today….hmmmm…

Oh yeah, and i also went to the doctor. She took me early if you can believe it. i wanted to fake a heart attack from the shock, but refrained my theatrical devil. i stabbed him with his own pitchfork.

I am hungry. the hors d’oeuvres had better be good. i just helped Kim choose whether to wear her hair up or down. she got it all curled. very pretty. i am jealous. i wish i had had the money to get a haircut.


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