Crunch Time


I have a lot to do today and not a lot of time. I just finished one assignment and, hence, am taking a little break before beginning the other MF.

The last couple of days have been weird, but filled with interesting conversations. I will share some thoughts that have popped into my head that i can quickly recall:

Used textbooks do not have GST. This is weird. Why should i pay taxes because the publisher decided to come out with a new edition to make more money. This thought is in response to Lisa’s previous blog on taxes on tampons. I think this is weirder to be honest.

I was thoroughly ashamed to be a white anglophone under the age of 40 on the metro last night. The crudest, most offensive and ignorant group of teenagers got on the metro and the stuff they were discussing made me sick. White trash is infinitely worse than any minority.

I dreamt that i was in a Harry Potter video game. Are there Harry Potter videogames? I was looking for the items needed to confront Voldemort, but somehow the author of the series was in the game – but it was a man! I know damn well J.K. Rowling is a woman. There was also a weird Watership Down-like adventure precluding this, but it was with bears not rabbits. I also performed some sort of Aerosmith song on swinging ropes over a river. I think i am going to take a blanket off my bed. I have these odd dream sequences whenever i am overheating and i know this particular only lasted about 10 minutes of real time. I was very perplexed upon waking up.

Chocolate cake should not be eaten for both breakfast and lunch. At least, not by my who was thoroughly ill (as i feeling horrible) all yesterday and this morning because my body was overdosing on the empty calories. Maybe that the chocolate cake had been left out all night without being either saran-wrapped or refrigerated also contributed. I do not know.


One thought on “Crunch Time

  1. wow. there are several harry potter games. what things were they discussing because I was on the streetcar reading the paper listening to MP3 player when these teens got on sat all around me and discussed crack as if it were cool. I was glad to get off.
    So, you finish on the 20th thats so late. ew. oh well. I am going to be in town for the afternoon of the 22nd. thats the best I can do.
    Um…the cake thing. I cant picture u eating cake for breakfast.but then i take everyone to seriously.
    Yes, I remember now, lisa and I, were discussing the idea of having half loafs of bread. I alone cannot finish the bread. I was also thinking that people who are dumb would be inclined to by the smaller cute loaves of bread, or would give ppl oppurtunity to buy brown and white. …ya too much thought on this one. i was wondering if you knew why there are no half loafs

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