One Happy Grandma


I have to go to five concerts for music history class. The last i will be attending is Handel’s Messiah on December 14th at 7h30pm. To kill two birds with one stone, i had decided to take my grandmother as her christmas present. She is ecstatic. I brought her the ticket today and it took her quite a little while to figure it out, but she is very happy. She has never seen the Messiah. i am hoping it will be worth the huge fuss getting her there and back will be.

I finished my latin translation project. I need to type it up. I finished my music history readings. There is still much to do, but it least i am moving forward.

Last night my Mum and i drank too much wine and egg nog while decorating the tree. We watched How the Grinch Stole Christmas (i own a copy on VHS). It was fun. I wrote out some Christmas cards – watch your mailboxes people!

Today me Dad, meself and me grandmother went to the dollar store to buy wrapping paper, tissue paper, cookie tins and other decorating type stuff for presents. i bought a hairband with mr. and mrs. claus on it. it will drive Georgia nuts because she was upset over the reindeer antlers. oh how i love being bothersome.


3 thoughts on “One Happy Grandma

  1. i hope the mr. claus is for me, cause my hair is certainly long enough that i can wear a hairband and look sexy. and don’t worry, i’m still alive. i just got back from a mission to the andes to save a rare species of poison tree frog. all my love

  2. it’s great when grandma’s are happy. I’m taking my Babby to a flick and going to surprise her with good food at a restaurant before or after. Aww the Christmas Spirit. It’s nice to see it’s still alive in others.

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