on the sly


I am writing on the sly because Steve isn’t working today and he came over to spend the day watching me do work. he had to go to the bank to pay a bill though, so i am using this time to write a quick post.

Last night i chatted with an old friend from high school – Joey – who is doing pretty well for himself. he is an illustrator of children’s books. pretty awesome. it is exactly what he always wanted too. makes me feel like a nothing, but i hope i will smooth my life out over the next couple of years.

i also put off doing work last night because i was researching other webhosting services that support WordPress. They all cost money and though some of them are very nice, i don’t think that i can justify putting out that kind of cash any time soon. I do have a livejournal right now with only one post, but i am just playing with the colours for the hell of it.

I invented a new casserole last night as there was nothing to eat for dinner. i made spaghetti noodles, grated carrots, cut up a stalk of celery, grated cheese and opened a can of tuna. it all went in the over for like 20 minutes. it was a little wet (i used milk when i should have used mayo), but it was actually quite tasty. at least i didn’t starve. there is even one portion left over for lunch today. yeah!

Well, i had better make some semblance of doing homework. These past posts have been so banal, i know. i am hoping to write something a little more interesting over the break. maybe even a short story if i feel inspired. i have an idea brewing, but no writing has been spawned yet.


One thought on “on the sly

  1. i so totally love joey, and talk to him whenever i can, he sent me some of his 3d work last year it was so cute, funny, fresh, think nemo.
    and good to hear your creativity doesn’t end at writing…lol. glad to hear things are wrapping up.

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