wearing antlers


aha you say…It’s the first day of December! The Christmas Carols are now playing on endless cycle on my office CD player and reindeer antlers are protuding from my head. Everyone is in a panic over how nuts i am, but it is great. I love being the centre of attention!

My latin exam went very well after all. Luckily for me, the passages that i had had extreme difficulty translating the first time around were all on it and because it had been such a painstaking experience originally i had essentially memorized them. Woohoo.

I still have tons to do, but at least that’s off my plate.

I MAY be going out tonight. Wouldn’t that be fun? it all depends on the folks at school figuring out where they want to go before i leave here during the day. Julius in shipping has agreed to buy me a rudolph nose if i will wear it all afternoon. It is going to be one kooky day. I love the holidays…even when i am poor!


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