Well, last night I experienced it – serendipity. After going to a concert of Bach’s funeral cantatas, Bryan and I headed to U-Lounge for a drink. We apparently walked in on the Quebec Student Health Alliance’s Christmas party. We ate sushi, calamari, brie, filet mignon, lamb, sesame beef and other finger foods as well as drinking for free. I am forced to eat my peanut butter and jam sandwich for lunch today rather than for dinner last night as had been planned. The waitresses would not accept tips and the bartender poured Bryan a triple of a $200/bottle scotch without even measuring. God must have heard the two of us sobbing in our respectives beds the night before over money troubles and schoolwork and decided to give us a treat. Too bad we only had an hour and a half to kill, though clearly no more food could be consumed, I would have been up for more drinking…
Other than that, things are “okay” I guess. I don’t know how I am going to get my car’s wipers fixed and I have a big test in Latin that I am not prepared for at all tomorrow afternoon, but I am hoping to be able to review all the material at least once this evening after music class and tomorrow morning. There is also a ton of work to do at the office, but i am trying to focus on one thing at a time. Stressing does not make anyone more productive.


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