little random comments


Went to see Rent last night: God those people can sing. i really really liked it. i want the soundtrack. i want the movie on DVD when it’s released. i loved being able to feel smart because i understood the references to literature and philosophy. i want to live la vie boheme. i do not want to get AIDS (obviously).

Thoughts on Blogger: I was reading about the Canadian blog Awards, voting was last Thursday, and a surprising number of them are hosted on blogger. now, i like blogger and all, but i think the best of the country would most likely be found on someone’s personal space, no? of course, i have had to give up on the website since my FTP uploader stopped working. lovely.

The weirdness of language: When did “grandma” become a derogatory term? I was reflecting about this on the metro. what’s wrong with our society that we call old people family members to insult them? this is ridiculous.

Lastly, an update on my car: The wipers died. Lovely. Because i needed another repair bill before actually buying that stupid for sale sign. it looks like i am officially not going to be working next semester. part of me cringes at this idea, but another part of me is revelling in it. i am torn. is this good or bad? will i be able to cope with all my spending money being debt?

Plans for today: i am going to go fold my laundry and take a shower. then i am going to study for my latin test on wednesday. depending on how long i can manage that, i may spice it up a little with some studying for italian and working on my final project in latin. oh yeah. and i am supposed to see Steve today. what we will do is a true mystery. i don’t feel up to lounging in front of a tv all day but i see no other options for the poverty stricken. i have $5 for the week after gas and that does not include what i will have to find to get the wiper fixed. crap.


One thought on “little random comments

  1. im sorry about the wipers and all its a shame you and your car don’t get along. More importantly, I was wondering if you and I will be cruisin in your dad’s car….just kidding. so how come you cannot work next semester?
    I want to work for via rail next summer it’s 15$ an hour. whoo hoo.
    anyways i have pretty much bought everything for the set, and i am so looking forward to this week being over.

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