writing a paper


i have a big paper due for monday and i am trying to write it tonight. unfortunately, i have spent too much time in the last two days watching the gilmore girls and am now getting pretty stressed out. i still have other work to do too, but it is the paper that is a problem. i am taking a break now to blog and then do another page of latin (also monday as well as an italian chapter test again).
i worked 17 hours this week. money is good. my car is supposedly fixed now. i am go pick it up saturday if all goes to plan. i went out for breakfast with Isabelle this morning, ate french toast, crepes, a heap of fruit and english cream before we walked back to my house where i burned a CD with some pdfs for school for her (she doesn’t have the internet). i did laundry, my china history readings and fell asleep. i started writing my paper, did two pages of latin and then watched another two episodes of gg before spaghetti for dinner. not super productive. i have written another paragraph of my paper, confirmed that i have no italian homework just studying and am now blogging. i am not going to go to bed until the paper is done and i am going to do a page of latin in between each paragraph, so i will be lucky to be finished by 1am. it’s my own fault.
tomorrow i am supposed to go get my car and go to walmart with my dad and grandmother because he asked me to as a special favour. i am hoping to be able to watch my China lecture tomorrow too. Maybe Sunday i will be able to start my latin project due the last day of classes…oh wait. i have a test in latin next wednesday. what’s more important to start? God i hate this.


2 thoughts on “writing a paper

  1. hello, sorry to hear your day wasnt all that productive. so i looked into the e classes thing, ryerson is a fucking pit of money. whatever. it costs 500-800$ to sign up for summer school.ew.for one class. ew.

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