New found issue


Problem i have encountered: i cannot blog on the videotron site from the office. oops. i guess i could just write up a blog and send it to myself, but then how would my avid audience cope with having to wait another whole day before finding out what happened to me? Maybe i should rethink the whole relocation of blogging concept. no. i like having a website with my own, albeit messy and overly simplistic, design. you’ll just have to cope. or i can continue blogging here when i am not on the laptop and just copy and paste later.
I got an A+ on my Arab History Midterm. This is good. I managed to connive a new assignment out of my Latin professor because i CANNOT translate Cicero. It is impossible. I should get the new assignment on Wednesday, however, Sunday night i spent a good hour trying to translate one sentence, got nowhere, and ended up simply watching TV for the rest of the evening. I have so much work to do i could hit myself.
my Mum is now a falafel addict. She wants to eat Lebanese every Monday night before Aquafitness. this is funny but sad because i am already on an almost entirely Lebanese diet because of the cheapness of the food.
Lunch at Carlos and Pepes was great. I was stuffed and intellectually stimulated. I had better get to work.


3 thoughts on “New found issue

  1. hey baby, so i just got out of rehab, which is why i haven’t commented in a while, but i’m back and better than ever. this time i might even make it 3 days before breaking. but anyway, to correct you, aside from the snipers, there are other non-white serial killers, in particular a black man from atlanta i think. this occured in the late 70s-early 80s and police originally thought it was a white man. turns out it was a black man who sociologically speaking, had embraced the white way of life: he was a successful record producer, so not a typical african american of the time. might sound weird, but it’s hard to explain in words. much easier in interpretive dance.
    next, for your website, i’ve come up with a creative writing idea: rewrite oedipus the king, assuming laius and jocasta did not send him away. include dialogue and try to complete it before december, so i can hand it in and claim extra credit. also, since i will be handing it in as my own, i’ll need you to adapt your writing style, so get a dictionary and a thesaurus cause you’ll need to use some big words. umm, i think that’s pretty much it. thanks again for the beer cosies you knitted me, but since i’m trying to quit, it seemed like you were trying to send me a message. i don’t know why. i love you my curly blonde maned sharpie *kiss*
    and when i said i got out of rehab, i meant i escaped, so i’ll be on the dl for a bit

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