waiting for water to boil…


I just finished a lovely dinner of chicken thighs my Mum made. Surprisingly enough, that is not a sarcastic comment. I am waiting for the water to boil so i can make tea and consume insane amounts of banana bread while attempting to translate 60 lines of Cicero’s Scipio’s Dream.
I think this will be the last week of posting to blogger rather than the videotron website. I am going to try and set-up a comment section, but if i can’t i will just include a form for my readers – ha – to email me responses.
Last night i got drunk on three different types of alcohol: tequila, sambuca and vodka. We were finishing the bottles in Steve’s parents’ liquor cabinet. I do not actually remember falling asleep. After a day of hardcore studying it was a much deserved break from thinking. i discovered that i really like romantic program music however. Useful day. I am also far enough to begin writing my Arab History paper. I am going to stick to Latin this evening however.
Steve and I watched both Ghostbusters today. He shaved his head. It is quite a look – skinhead with a chipped front tooth. We made a big breakfast of little potatoes, cheesy scrambled eggs and toasted belgian bread. yum. it made up for my lean cuisine and grilled cheese sandwich dinner the night before.
i can’t come up with anything deep right now. i should also seriously consider some creative writing soon, as i have gone a whole week now without making so much as an attempt. ugh. does designing the website count as “creative” because it should. i am looking forward to coffee with Lisa tomorrow.


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