i promised myself that i would blog tonight. i have a headache and my cat is determined to sit on the laptop. i want to see if that i am in pain wil evidence itself in my writing. i think it might be easier to push further when it’s crunch time at school if i really thought it would help and that my work would not just be crap. from the few times i have tried to finish latin translations after midnight, i have learnt that it is pointless to do more than 15 minutes or so.
yesterday i was supposed to do homework during the evening. i ended up getting my italian exercises done while watching CSI and doing my assigned readings for Chinese History before going to bed. The rest of the evening was “wasted” talking to Lisa and working on the CSS and index page for the webpage. Talking to Lisa was not a waste. I am happy to find out how she is doing. The webpage was though. A waste i mean.
i got a phone call at about 9am this morning, a hour into my homework doing and steve told me that he was not going to work today. i called him back and told him he couldn’t come and pick me up (my car is broken again, but that’s a different blog entry) until 11:30 because i just had too much to do and tomorrow couldn’t replace today because i have an optometrist appointment. This upset me more than it should have. At 12 he was not here so i called and he had fallen asleep.
We went to see Jarhead this evening. it was very good. like full metal jacket but not as purposelessly disturbing. he loses it in one scene, but it is more effective if the guy has to live with the consequences of his actions anyways.
work went well yesterday. Neil had me explaining the origins of credit notes to him. i got to write up an essay on it (okay, not an essay, but i can’t think of any other word right now, headache remember?) which, because i was in a peevish mode, mimicked the origins of species a little and included a section title in latin. yeah. i’m a loser. hopefully Neil will want to keep me even at eight hours a week next semester. Dad thinks he will, but he always overestimates my intelligence.
i only have five minutes left until it becomes tomorrow and i wanted a post for today. i did write SOMETHING yesterday. The mission statement on the webpage. it sucks. i can’t write about myself or my goals without it being horribly one dimensional. i guess everything i write is very one dimensional, but i am more critical of my expressions of things that are important to me.


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