adverbs are the bane of my life


what a catchy title you say…
well, they are. i don’t mean the normal adverbs that fit those oh so NOT useful definitions we were taught in high school: “words that modify a verb.” I am refering to those pesky, unrememberable adverbs that are called “adverbs of time” or “adverbial conjuctions.” have you never asked yourself what type of word “now,” “today,” or “furthermore” are? Well, i give you the answer. And they are a bitch to memorize, because in every day usage we take them for granted. They have come to haunt me in Italian now rather than just Latin (they are pretty much the only words i always have to look up in a dictionary now in the latter). We just completed a test on “adverbial prepositions,” i.e. above, below, inside, outside…yup. those are adverbs. you try differentiating them. not fun.

on another note, i spent a good hour working on the other website. should you feel the need to check out the new layout, you can do so at this link. I found the time because my latin class is cancelled today. woohoo. i am going to go to Prof. Gittes’ lecture of the Aeneid instead. Fun fun.


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