racial minorities and crime


have you ever heard of a black serial killer? or a hindu child molester in north america? what can explain what appears to me to be a genuine phenomenon – i.e. those not of the ruling (i.e. white male) class or less likely by far to engage in horrible abborations of social norms. Actually i have a theory, you are surprised i know…
I think that this weird phenomenon stems from the fact that implicitly society validates the failure of any non-white male. White males have no excuse for failure, but on the other hand, society will permit them, just via their white maleness, to maintain a very limited sense of success for a short time (say to their early 20s). As they reach full-fledged adulthood, they are no longer able to function because they are actually so estranged from the goals of their social class – but they have nowhere to turn. Members of minority groups not only have a more worked out social network (i.e. a defined subgroup of semi-kin) but also have no “excuse” for not succeeding. This sense of powerlessness and failure exhibits itself in extreme cases as serial killers and child molesters – needing to hurt others solely for the purpose of making themselves feel power. note that unlike rapists, this is a long-term source of gratification – i guess the same would apply to serial rapists too like Paul Bernardo, but i also kind of consider him a serial killer so he doesn’t destroy my argument. Members of minority groups (and in this case even women) who suffer from such problems manifest them much earlier on and they might even be channelled. Black youths in inner city areas turn to street gangs (as do other minority groups), women turn to prostitution or drugs and sometimes they recover.
Anywho, i am always interested in uncovering ways in which society is not just for the benefit of the “ruling class” because i find so many examples of affirmative action repulsive to my egalitarian principles. should there really be compensation for factors that are perhaps equally noxious to the other sex/group?
Lorne – i am particularly interested in your social/psych interpretation of my more philosophical theory.

3 thoughts on “racial minorities and crime

  1. how can a person think to much? self-psychologize too much i would get, but think too much?
    this topic came up in a conversation with my dad and i solely reiterated our findings. what does mark talk about with his Dad?

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