feeling better


The link for this page is a horrifying story about obesity-rights advocacy. I can’t get over how people want to be absolved of responsibility for even their eating habits now.

Last night i was very ill. i did not have a fever, but i couldn’t get warm. i spent a good two hours shivering in bed under four blankets wearing flannel pyjamas, woolen socks and gloves. I won’t be going to aquafitness again if i react to it the same way next week. i didn’t finish my homework because of how cold i was. and all my joints were aching. lovely.

yesterday went well i guess. my latin prof. gave me my final assignment so i can start that. my arab hisotry prof okayed my paper which forces me to read as much of the Arabian Nights as possible – and i think that is great! i couldn’t stay awake in italian though.

Bryan and i talked about the concert i went too on thursday and we discussed why i reacted the way i did to it. I now how the validation for why i didn’t get into it. Plus, i think i am pretty smart because people who now what they are doing agreed with the evaluation i made on my own. i almost lost my ticket this weekend though which would have sucked because i still have to prove i was there to my prof to get the credit.

my discussion about people not generally being observant was aimed at the people i meet in the office all the time mostly. i think my friends are pretty smart – for obvious reasons – THEY LIKE ME! Okay, so they have bad taste.

Someone is whistling, which means i could get caught any minute blogging instead of working. eep. maybe i will post from music since i have no more assignments due until the end of semester.


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