baking a cake…i mean loaf


there is a banana loaf in the oven. i plan on sharing it with the people who are coming to the LAS’s annual Theme Week-end: This week-end’s theme: “Murder in the Forum” a murder mystery/toga party. I have the wine bought, the car packed, and am getting kind of antsy to leave at pick up my carpoolers at the Cote-Vertu metro.

yesterday was a boring day. i spent the majority of the morning making directions and confirming they were right by driving up there. i managed to get a little homework done and some cooking. I went to Steve’s, ate left-over chinese food for dinner and when going to return a movie, he got a ticket. now, though he says he stopped at the stop-sign, and i don’t remember and i actually believe him because otherwise i think he would just complain about the purposelessness of a stop sign there, he is going to be able to get out of the ticket anyways because the police officer stupidly made out the ticket for not stopping at a stop-light. There is no light at that intersection (if you want to call it an intersection, it’s where videotron’s parking merges with a teeny residential street) and we can prove it simply enough by taking a couple of pictures. so we spent the whole evening worrying about money matters (we meaning him with me just be quiet while he fumed) and this morning when we actually took out the ticket and read it, lo and behold, no problem. i like it when things get resolved easily.

i got breakfast in bed this morning which permitted some extra reading while it was being cooked upstairs. yummm. and Arabian Nights is great! I can’t believe no one ever reads it. There is a problem with our choice in reading material apparently.

okay . i need another cup of tea and should probably start my latin homework. i just didn’t want anyone to think that i had dropped off the face of the planet. tata for now.


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