last night’s concert was a let-down. though it was worth the money, for it was free, i was expecting something more captivating. i didn’t recognize that we were actually listening to the symphony’s first movement until it was over and the mass was unable to keep my mind from wandering. the trombones would drown out the alto and the bass solo performers when they would come in. that also was sad.

my last class of the day was cancelled yesterday. that sucked. we only found out after we got there. daniel ninot and i, however, went bookshopping in Indigo. i bought 1001 nights (for class) and a book for my Dad for Christmas. i love indigo.

Today’s Creative Writing Attempt:

You know the day is going to be long when, even though you wake up five minutes before your alarm, you can’t muster the strength to toss the covers back and put your feet on the floor. It begins with: “Just two more minutes” and you listen to the sounds of the house awakening – cats munching on crunchy kibbles, parents opening pantry doors, toasters popping. you open one eye slowly and attempt to focus on the clock.
fuck. you roll over. you contemplate why you need to get up anyway. you silently bemoan the sun being hidden behind the clouds providing that state of grey-darkness so perfect for sleeping in.
you tell yourself you’re being dumb and roll back over.
another minute has passed.
you decide to fall back asleep until the alarm rings. fifteen seconds later you realize just how upsetting that will be: the last thing you need this morning is a screeching, buzzing cacophony stuck on endless cycle in your head. but then again…
you begin to count…”in 10 seconds i’ll get up,” you count to twenty.
you put your head under the pillow and give yourself a pep talk: “if i don’t get up, nothing will get done. i can sleep in three days from now.” but this begins the prioritizing and re-prioritizing of a to-do list you went to bed to get away from in the first place. you are beginning to seriously consider staying there all day. “what’s the point? it’s not like getting up is going to help.”
As you put out your hand to turn it off, you realize it is going to sound in less than a minute.
damn. and you’re awake anyway.
Slide the switch from left to right. You put your feet on the floor, scramble for slippers and begin the day. at least you didn’t hear that stupid alarm clock sound.


2 thoughts on “disappointments

  1. im sorrythe concert was such a disappointment. I liked the getting up thing it was funny i tried to explain to mark, but as usual i have many problems communicating. so he asked about the email i sent him whichwas meant to be nice. but i forgot one word and he was all confused.
    oh well. at least class finished early

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