what comes around goes around


i don’t actually believe in karma, but today my skepticism is being put to the test. as you may or may not know already, i stole a desk-chair from the computer downstairs that my brother is always sitting at to write an exam two weeks ago. i have not given the chair back as i have decided that i “deserve” it more, i.e. i do homework in it. well, my cat has stolen the chair for the second consecutive evening. he sleeps there during the night too, so it isn’t just a question of moving him. I have lost my bed buddy! Sniff…

I have come to a decision about next semester. If i can find a job for only 8 hours (roughly) a week, i will take 4 classes. If i cannot find myself a job that will permit only working one day, then i will enroll in a fifth class. i am aware this is not a cost-effective solution, but i think for the fifth class i might take something different like biology, journalism or creative writing.


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