movies and jazz


Lisa and i went to the movies yesterday after discovering an excellent new bookstore in Laval of all places. i bought two books, one french novel for me and a night before christmas for kim at the office. i couldn’t resist buying a book. who can? well, lisa did.

we went to see “Prime.” It was very nice. Sweet, fun to look at, and FUNNY. The end left me feeling like an emotional husk however. i do not think i will be buying it when it comes out of DVD, but i will probably rent it with me Mum for a girlie night.

I fell asleep on Lisa’s couch while watching an episode of the Pretender when Jarod is a Gigolo. It was a good episode. I never realized how stupid the Pretender really is as a show. It is incredibly predictable for a show that makes no sense.

We went out for breakfast. Lisa would not let me blog at her house because she said i would have to sign out of blogger and sign back in as myself and that she did not remember her password. This is almost as funny as her complaining about turning back the clocks. Gaining an hour is the best thing that could possibly happen! I needed an hour very badly. I borrowed two jazz albums and am currently listening to them. there was much reading done this morning. hopefully this trend of productiveness will continue.


One thought on “movies and jazz

  1. I am eating the new peanut butter Kitkat and watching um…six feet under. I have a little more homework to do tonight. I want to see that movie but ill probably just rent it when it comes out. I found a theatre on Queen St East that has cheaper -key letters er…..on tuesdays. Anyways i have to get on with my to do list. I have never seen the pretender. As a final thought I have to laugh at the fact that lisa wouldnt let you blog…because of the password thing. Ha. Gotta apprecitae the lisa.

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