There are still mosquitoes in my room. I kill about one a day. I do not know from whence they come, nor do i care, but they are just one of the many things that bother me during my day. It is particularly troublesome to attempt to fall asleep with a mosquito in your room as you are aware that it will (a) bite you during the night and (b) lay more eggs promptly to produce more mosquitoes. I do not have a pool of stagnant water nor any plants in my room. Suggestion?

Yesterday my car broke down. My mechanic has no idea what is wrong with it. I am more than a little upset about the concept of having bought a car and not being able to drive it because i cannot afford the repairs.

Yesterday Steve and I had a fight. It was particularly nasty. It ended in me crying for over an hour about the state of my life: financial and academic. No resolutions to my plight have been found, but at least i stopped crying. Then we had another fight as i was being dropped off about my going to theme weekend – a college outing. apparently i am supposed to listen to his insistent complaining that i am sleeping at the lodge “with other guys.” The other girls that are there are always left out of this complaint. I will not be engaging in a forty-person orgy anytime in the near future.

This morning i woke up much too early (7:30) and attempted to do some much needed homework before taking my grandmother shopping at Walmart. She was very grateful for the outing. I was tired. I got home at 2:15 and ended up falling asleep to my History of China lecture, so somehow i am half way through the weekend and have almost none of the homework i was going to get done this weekend while Steve is away. Notice that i am blogging instead of correcting the situation.


One thought on “Mosquitoes

  1. im sorry to hear you are having a hard time with things. I find it all really upsetting. I too have a flying bug in my room and find it incredibly irratating. I think it hides behind my curtains. I’ll have my halloween pics tomorrow.

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