my parents are assholes. they aren’t really. but my Dad actually asked me why i was asking my Mum for $3 to get home from work tomorrow this evening. I know absolutely no one needs to read me on one of my double-standard rants, but i have had it up to HERE. Lisa, i am so going to try and move out with you next year. If a whole week goes by without me ending up in tears over this stupid scenario i will die of shock. Reasons why my Dad had no right to question my needing $3:
1. I didn’t ask him for three dollars. i asked my Mum
2. My brother is given $5 everyday he goes in to school to take the bus and metro. Apparently, this is not the same thing according to my Dad because it is for “school.” Let’s remember why my brother takes the bus and metro in to school everyday. Oh right, because he wasted my parents’ hard-earned money by failing last year and being kicked out of real school.
3. Nobody pays for my haircuts but me
4. Nobody bought me a $3000 computer. I put myself in debt for this baby.
5. My car is in the shop and costing me $70 to get fixed so i won’t have to ask my parents to drive me everywhere, unlike piece of shit – don’t worry Lisa, it will be fixed for Saturday.

The reasons continue, but i am sure you would be just more bored. I actually had a very nice day that included going out for a french martini with Bryan at Upstairs, a Jazz bar on Mackay i highly recommend. it was very nice. i had some good thoughts to share, but i am too upset right now to think them out. sorry.

2 thoughts on “parents…

  1. upstairs is near cheers eh? seen many a fight happen not far from it, usually involving one or two of my friends. sometimes it’s rought being dd
    oh, just remembered, i don’t think i signed the past one or two comments, but i’m sure you can more or less guess who it is

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