A female president?


Yesterday on the radio the CHOM broadcasters were discussing the likelihood of there being a female president after the next presidential election. They came to the conclusion that this was not very likely as you have to win the south to win the election. I am always puzzled by this remark. I seem to remember reading in a psych class in CEGEP that the overwhelming majority of American voters are women. Wouldn’t a woman, who take the trouble to vote, be more likely to vote for a competent woman? Or am i giving southern women more credit than is their due?

I skipped a day of possible posting yesterday. I know you were all very sad. I got a B+ on my Latin midterm that i had been convinced i would fail. My professor, My Mum, my Dad and Steve ALL laughed at me. My Arab history midterm went well too. It was a good day until my car started acting funny. The mechanic is supposed to give it a full-exam today. I hope it won’t cost too much.

2 thoughts on “A female president?

  1. it’s just like you not to fail when you think you will…

    as for car issues does this mean we shan’t (tee hee) be going to hanging out this weekend?

  2. you’re definitely giving too much credit to american women. think of the stats, the majority of the south is made up of racial minorities who are typically low-income and not well educated. they won’t vote for a woman

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