Tiredness and the Cold


Why is it that when one is tired one is also cold? Is it because as one attempts to cover up and maintain that little bit of warmth emanating from the body one is more likely to fall asleep? i hope that isn’t really the reason. i would hate to think that being cold is good for me.

They are forecasting snow for Thursday. i don’t like being cold, but i am looking forward to wearing my mittens that i bought in May in Florence. The novelty will wear off in about 2 minutes of shovelling our driveway, don’t worry.

I know i had something worthwhile to say this morning, but the round of studying, writing tests and aquafitnessing has taken it out of me. i have not even begun to prepare the long-answers for my arab history midterm and i cannot turn off the light until i finish that step. i swore at my poor mum this morning when she came to wake me up. i feel bad.

I need another cup of tea. and a speed. i also need a kick in the ass. onwards…


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