Apple-Picking and Drunkeness


Apple picking is more fun when there are not very many left on the trees…
Steve and I went to La Magie des Pommes yesterday in St-Eustache and we were hunting for those few remaining apples. Some were very difficult to climb too. We did not use the ladders that had been provided for those who had little children with them. A rather unpleasant sensation is that of an apple being crushed under your boot. I had not noticed this before. Possibly because i do not go around stepping on apples on a regular basis.
I was more drunk last night than i have ever been before. After drinking three full glasses of wine with dinner, i love Ernest & Julio Gallo we continued with Tequila shots. I gave up on the lemon concept. Lemons taste worse than tequila. i fell asleep at 2am and woke up at 4:15 to discover Steve had never returned from his “i’m just going out for a walk to smoke a cigarette.” I was pissed.
I am reading a book entitled “Mozart’s Letters, Mozart’s Life” on, you guessed it, Mozart, for an oral i need to prepare for next week. If i were not reading it with a particular goal in mind, it would be quite enjoyable. Mozart was quite a playful guy and his language games are amusing. They put all the blogs i have ever read to shame, but i doubt there are very many people on the planet that should be compared to Mozart. Nonetheless, i recommend the book to anyone who gets a chance to read it.
Cold Case is not on this evening because of a football game in overtime. I sympathize with Lisa over baseball and her WB shows a little more now. Sorry i haven’t really had anything interesting to share today. I have much homework still to do before going to bed, but perhaps i will be able to work on the CSS stylesheet for the website a little still.


3 thoughts on “Apple-Picking and Drunkeness

  1. hi there. i will put some interesting thoughts on blog tonight. can i find ernest and julio gallo here in ontario?
    so ya, how are u enjoying reading about me?
    haha anyways hope everything is going well. what happened to steve by the way did he come back?

  2. yeah he came back. god knows where he went. i don’t dare ask but i know i have a lot less gas. he was so not in a state to drive. i am not doing that again, no matter how much he complains. i am enjoying reading about your days. i am sure you can get ernest and julio gallo in the LBCO.

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