Beginning Anew


To quote a friend recently “the revolution is upon us.”
I am going to force myself out of this live-journalling rut and actually begin a blog. something that documents more than just my boring ass everyday activities for the world to see. i do occasionally have something of substance to say, but inevitably i being the whole cataloguing of my day routine and end up posting only that. this revolution has been inspired by reading the blogs@concordia list and realizing i would actually be ashamed if my blog was on that list. i will attempt to post at least one remotely intelligent thought at the beginning of each post. this will probably end in the whole enterprise being transferred to my website. i hope so.

This evening Lisa and I went to the Second Year Theatre Students of Concordia production of Henry IV Part I. My exposure to this play previously had been rather limited and consisted of having delivered a monologue in Theatre class in CEGEP from Part II. Note these are not the same play. It was very well done. I was surprised by this because usually i am pretty disappointed with the Concordia Productions i have been to. What was good about it? The choice of “punk” style costumes was innovative. it was not in your face and thus you forgot about the costumes and focused on the actors. this was nice and probably wouldn’t have occurred had they been in period appropriate attire. Hotspur was very very good. She (there was some gender-switching) spoke very clearly, which is essential in Shakespeare i think, had a lot of stamina, knew her lines cold, and despite being a skinny girl was believable as a manly rebel warrior. There were no actors that deserve to be mentioned for being poor. they were essentially what i expected from a theatre class. knew their lines, had researched their characters, etc., but their stage presence was not noteworthy. i hope this will progress for most of them with time. I was very pleased.
Worthy of mention, however, is that for some reason whenever a male actor is cast in a female role, this is always done comically. however, females playing males is not drawn to our attention. i think this is stupid. not only because it is unfair on a gender-rights issue, but also because it adds nothing to the play to have a drag queen on stage. it breaks the suspension of disbelief almost instantaneously.
On a personal level of what happened yesterday (well today because i have not gone to bed yet): i worked, met Lisa’s cousin Cara, ran into Shaun on Ste-Catherine, ate with Lisa and Cara at an Italian restaurant and took the Concordia Shuttle Bus for the first time. Exciting.


One thought on “Beginning Anew

  1. I think perhaps you may be wrong about the females not being drawn to our attention. While men find it absolutely facinating to be a woman, women to my knowledge would never want to be male except when cramps are happening. I think also that despite males fascination they have no interest in being cast as gay so they make it entertaining….anyways just a thought. If i was playing a male i think i would try to blend as much as possible….

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