yesterday i went shopping. i had not bought myself an item of real clothing (i.e. that other people actually see) since September of last year. It was not a good idea to suddenly go shopping by myself, without even my Mum to remind me that i do not have a lot of money. It didn’t turn out too badly. I bought Christmas presents for my Dad and Steve, Robert’s birthday present – the Ghostbusters box set, listerine and nair (these were essentials), and i went to Smart Set where for buying 4 shirts a 2/$25 i got three pairs of socks free. Okay, i know this doesn’t actually sound that extravagant right now, but it was. i spent more than i make in 3 weeks in one day.
i tried to do some homework yesterday morning, but i was doing too good of a job on a study guide and didn’t get anywhere. Veronica called in the afternoon. Our conversation inspired her to start a blog. i am not that pro-blog or anything, but when i have nothing to do in class, i like reading what my friends are up to. i did watch my history of china lecture and did the reading, i also translated two pages of latin. this was not the amount of homework i was supposed to get done, but Steve is working tomorrow, so i will be able to compensate. Steve and I watched the O.C., Camera Cafe (which is so cool!) and I watched CSI last night. He slept on my lap. It was cute.
Lorne – ha. your comment that you wonder all day what i am doing was not something i could decipher. were you just giving me a sarcastic jab for being a blogger, or was this in reference to our getting married in the future. I have a new requirement for husbands by the way – they must put new toilet paper rolls on the rack rather than just leaving the old tube there. my brother keeps doing this in MY bathroom and i am willing to kill him.
My brother gave me a hug yesterday. Boy germs. I guess he’s finally figured out i am ignoring him. I did not ignore him yesterday though because it was his birthday. i thought i would remind him that i CAN be nice if i want to. i still have his chair in my room though…ha.


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