online exams = cheating


i have written two midterms today. the first, i.e. the more important one, did not go well. i have not figured out how i am going to get through all the work i have for the next two weeks yet and it is already 10:47 but i have done no homework. ugh.
okay, i have been complaining all day to anyone and everyone who will listen, so i will stop.
one last, rather amusing, rant. i wrote an online midterm this evening. i had three hours from my downloading of the exam to submit my answers. on the instructions of the exam were written “this is NOT an open book exam.” Okay, who is going to stop us? i mean come on! we are sitting at home writing the exam. of course EVERYONE is going to use their notes and textbook to make sure they answer as best they can. no one is stupid enough to be the only person who doesn’t even if they are moral enough to consider not cheating in the first place. i mean that would be a guaranteed failure, no?
anywho, i am going to start doing some reading for my mozart oral i guess. i can fall asleep doing that so it is as good as any other activity.
wish me luck on the rest of the school work.


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