lunch and a party


there really has been a lot of interesting stuff happening that i would like to mention, but it is already really late and i think i need to get to bed because i have two midterms on wednesday.
quickly i will update my week because i have promised myself to maintain my blog throughout the school year as some sort of self-therapeutic activity.
the week was pretty long generally. wednesday sucked as there was a toxic waste overturn on the 40 and traffic to get out of town was horrific. my brother was such an ass that i am not speaking to him anymore. today he cut down a branch from the tree outside my window that was scraping against the side of the house all night keeping me awake. my dad came upstairs expressly to tell me how nice it was of my brother to do this. i responded with a “so what, do you want me to give him a medal?” apparently i have a lot of negativity. the word isn’t negativity, it’s bitterness. no one would have taken the trouble to point out how nice i was to do something like that because everyone just expects it of me. i am refusing to acknowledge or live up to this double standard anymore. i have had enough.
thursday was an okay day. i went out for lunch with my dad and kim at starvin marvens and it was very good. i tried calamari (a ring without suckers because suckers are nasty) and it tasted like fish. i don’t get why everyone is so gaga over it. i like fish, but it wasn’t fantastic.
friday i spent the better part of the day on the computer. i did a lot of history of china work – my midterm is wednesday. i also researched how one goes about joining the canadian diplomatic corps. lots of tests apparently. i might try just to see in their next round of recruitment. then i went to steve’s. we watched magnificent seven for a while and rented a movie with the girl from cold case, but i don’t know what the title was in English. it was pretty good, but not a movie you would watch a second time because once you know how the killer is it isn’t much fun anymore. i didn’t have nightmares for the first time this past week as i convinced Steve to hold me all night. hehe.
saturday was okay. steve and i bought scones. i don’t remember what else we did if anything. i went to the LAC party with Sarah and Merav. Merav’s dad drove us there, i had parked my car at her house, and came to get her at 11:30. Sarah and i stayed until about 1:30 (i.e. when Greg was going nuts over the cops showing up and the running out of beer). We hung out with Carlo (a first year) for a while. i also talked to George, Bryan and Paul for quite a while. it wasn’t too noisy outside on the balcony. Sarah and i were invited to go out to a bar with some other of my friends, but i couldn’t find Sarah in the crowd and stupidly did not get the name of the bar they were going to. i got home at about 2:30 having used $10 of as and $16 of cab fare. it was an expensive outing.
today i got up and went to sleep in my mum’s bed to avoid the scratching tree. i went to steve’s for around noon after sending Patrick an email letting him know i missed his presence at the party. we slept for about 3 hours this afternoon. hmm. we had good spaghetti for dinner. i was bothersome for the better part of the evening, which is always fun, and i got home around 10. I did homework for an hour and a half, so i should be able to study for the next three days for my exams and not worry about staying on track for my actual classwork. i should respond to some more emails, but i guess i will do that when i need a break tomorrow from latin or when i am sitting in music tuesday evening. we are finally going to test the efficacity of caffeine pills. no going to bed before 11 on mon. or wed. and 12 on tues. no matter how tired i am. i must study.


2 thoughts on “lunch and a party

  1. Thank goodness you wrote this, because I constantly find myself wonder what Heather’s doing at different moments of the day. Didn’t know you were a blogger

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