Six years is worth celebrating


i finally got the current coursenotes uploaded onto my videotron website. woohoo. i am still procrastinating. i have notice this seems to be a pattern on sundays.
i am kind of tired. stayed up really late last night at our hotel. we didn’t spend too much time in the jacuzzi – unless last time when we almost never got out. we went to dinner at the nickels in Ste. Adele. It was such a shitty day that we cancelled the plans to walk around mont-tremblant to see the festival of colours. we might go next week-end. we ended up back at Steve’s despite the fact that his family was there. we slept for another 2 hours. Dinner was fantastic. Turkey, cranberry sauce and a cranberry/sucre a la creme cake for dessert.
on thursday i went to hang out at lisa’s and ended up watching more t.v. than i think i have actively watched in the past month. i am going to get rid of my peeling nail polish and put on a face mask. hopefully i will be more motivated in another half hour – when cold case is over.


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