Happy New Year


This week has been a long one. I have spent way too much time doing latin homework and my professor stocked us up for the long week-end again. Arg.
Tuesday i spent the WHOLE day answering the phones at work and explaining to stupid people what Ro shahana is, why the other two companies on our floor were closed, and then trying to explain to them that closed means closed. As in “no one there.” as in “i don’t work for them and hence can’t help you.” I was very fed up by the end of the day. Luckily, Al-Taib came to the rescue with their cheap but scrumptious food and i was able to refuel before history of music.
Last night i went to Steve’s after school. woohoo. we did nothing. i think he is pissed off that i left at like 9:30, but i was tired of watching the hockey game. Unfortunately, it is apparently supposed to rain on Saturday and Sunday, so our plans to go to Mont-Tremblant for our anniversary this weekend are in need of an overhaul. uhoh.


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