organ music and new boots


now this is what we call procrastinating.
i finally found a week-end to catch up on my schoolwork and i am sitting here not getting ahead when i know damn well i will regret this in about a week. i am stupid.
i went to a concert with my Mum this afternoon in Old Montreal. It was of organ music that was “okay.” The church it was held in was very very cool. I liked the altars, stained glass windows and trompe-l’oeil on the ceiling. it was impressive. i felt jipped by the lack of a pamphlet explaining why the performer had chosen these specific pieces, etc. I couldn’t fully understand his brief speeches before each piece because of the whispering and acoustics in the church. hmmm. not the best school-related outing ever.
the good news was that my mum and i took the excursion downtown as a reason to go boot shopping. i found a pair that was just perfect and am now the proud owner. we also walked around the bonsecours market and my mum bought my aunt a birthday present. it is very pretty.
last night i stayed up until almost midnight doing homework while steve was at a motocross show at the big o. i actually finished my latin! woohoo. i still have music readings, an outline for music and some pre-emptive lating for wednesday to do. ugh. whatever. i will go to bed when i am starting to fall asleep.
steve and i didn’t do much this week-end. we cleaned the interiors of the cars, watched a movie. slept. lots of sleeping. i like sleep! we ate crepes for breakfast. i have lost another 2 lbs this week! woohoo.
okay, okay, enough of this. i will get my butt in gear.


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