i hate being cold


i am in a class i took last year because i am not enjoying school very much this week and this professor is really fun and it is nice to just be sitting here typing away and not worrying. i am sitting at the back of the class though and it is obvious how people who are actually paying attention sit in the front.
my aquafitness class on monday was in an unheated pool. of course, i called building managment to complain of course. who wants to freeze to death? last night’s music class was good. i chatted with veronica for the majority of the class, gotta luv laptops and MSN. i lucked in because my prof. kind of did part of my assignment for my concert review exercise to exemplify the whole process for everyone else. this week-end i am going to try and write an outline for the paper and send it to the prof. i also have to decide if i am going to give an oral or do a paper on music in a place of worship. i think i want to do an oral, but i need a topic.
i only got a 73% on my map quiz in arab history. ick. nice going. i really want a caramel corretto for my italian class, but as i on have $22 for the next week it is probably a bad idea. i wish i could get over it though. i am falling asleep. maybe i should splurge…
my mum woke me up this morning half an hour early by fighting with the dirty dishes which had to go in the dishwasher. ugh. it put me in an awful mood about my brother. i want to move out, but i don’t want to work anymore too and the two are obviously mutually exclusive unless i win some sort of weird-ass lottery that you don’t even have to buy a ticket for. oh yeah…that’s what i’ve decided to get the deadbeat for his birthday – scratchie lotteries in a card and maybe a $10 Subway Gift Certificate. If i am in a good mood.


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