the murder mystery at Sandra’s house for her 25th birthday was surprisingly fun. the wine i drank and the excellent menu helped i will admit, but it was very well done and it was fun. i got home at midnight, which is really very surprising as i think that is the latest i have ever arrived home when it was me driving. i stalled in the middle of the 117 while crossing oncoming traffic though. i thought i was going to die. i was not the murderer at the party.
watched two movies this weekend (besides another five episodes of gilmore girls): the hitchiker’s guide to the galaxy and a thai movie of the bruce lee type genre, but it was much better than expected as the fighting scenes actually appeared to require some exertion on the part of the protagonist.
Steve and i had little spats all week-end, which of course sucked, but when i arrived at his house on friday after waiting around for him to “leave in 15 minutes” for 2.5 hours (he was stuck with his boss in Bellefeuille) i was very upset to discover that his room and bathroom had gotten into a worse state than the week before. and he had been complaining that he hadn’t been able to do anything all week. he washed the bathroom this afternoon and i cleaned the catbox and put all his clean clothes away. it helped.
i still do not have full motion in my jaw, but there is little i cannot eat other than baguette bread. we had a big dinner this evening too, and lost 2 lbs this week! woohoo.
i have two tests tomorrow so i won’t be going to prof. gittes’ class. it’s italian and latin. i only have lists of what i have to know instead of actually having memorized the vocab and grammatical rules…oh well, that’s what tomorrow morning is for. i also have to go pick up my textbook for history of china which has FINALLY arrived. i only have $20 for all of this week and until thurs. of next. this could be rough. i also have to pay my cellphone bill and my visa before steve and i go away for our anniversary. we booked the place this week-end for Saturday night. the plan is to go to Mont-Tremblant saturday during the day and walk through the fall foliage.
okay, well this post has rambled enough.


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