Beethoven’s Fifth


a cultural outing: classical music is cooler than i expected. i did know that i like it, but the concert Lisa and I (we met Bryan, a friend from the LAC too) went to last night was pleasantly enjoyable. a Big thank you to Lisa for staying out late with me so i could go. We first went out for dinner at Nickels and i ate real food: cheese tortellini and some of Lisa’s Chicken Caesar salad. Then we went to Tim Hortons for Iced Caps. That was fun. When we got to the concert hall (McGill’s Pollack) we discovered that it was sold out, but luckily i had reserved and paid for tickets three hours earlier. The first concerto was by a montreal composer – Jose Evangelista, who is also a Professor at the Universite de Montreal. The music was beautiful, a violin concert, and i think the best description of how it was played would be conversationally. It was very very nice. Then there was a piano concerto by German Galynine (1922-1966), a Russian, with a fantastic concert pianist Sergei Salov. The second movement of this concerto was acutely painful, but the resolution of the tension in the third movement was only all the more satisfying. It made me think a lot of the whole “paper-writing process.” It was great. They did an encore however, which screwed up my whole lift arrangement home and ruined much of the experience of the Symphony because i was so busy worrying about how mad my Dad would be that we were so very late.
Beethoven’s Fifth was great. Of course i had heard it before, but i had always been doing something else too, so it was great to really focus. Bryan said that the horns screwed up in the first movement (the metallic sound was maintained during the decline of the notes???), but i didn’t really notice. I didn’t pick up the break between the third and fourth though, because i was worrying. It was intensely powerful though because i ended up being distracted from my bad mood on more than one occasion. Unlike in the second movement of the piano concerto where i COULD NOT concentrate on the music for the life of me, which of course was the point.
Now i am just hoping that there will be reviews in more than one paper this morning so i can write my assignment on this concert. I would like to be able to hand in multiple rough drafts and actually get a good mark.
I am only working this morning, then i am going home to do homework. I am seeing Steve tonight – i saw him Wednesday to by the way. And i managed to get there only stalling my car once! I am so proud. I’d better go punch in. Thanks again Lisa.


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