a baby squirrel and homework


i’m taking a break from some music history homework. i just finished taking care of my teeth and trying one of the new “life brand” exfoliating masks from Pharmaprix that my Mum bought me for $1.99 to cheer me up on Friday. My face feels all tingly. I am downloading some North American flute music that my music history textbook mentions in a blurb that i am curious about.
i actually got quite a lot of work done today and was still able to watch three episodes of the gilmore girls. yeah. i woke up and 2:30am though, after falling asleep watching my history of china lectures, and i thought something was trying to bore its way out of my head. thank god for painkillers (i think i have written that before). Anywho, i was awakened at 7:30 by my parents attempting to herd a baby squirrel out of the house. He/she was very obstinant about hanging around inside and obviously did not understand the danger of humans nor our three cats. It eventually scurried out the side door though.
I worked on Latin a little, but i have not managed to complete what i needed to get done. it requires a higher level of concentration than i am able to muster at the moment. I did finish the China lectures and my Italian homework however. Hopefully i will get my music readings done before going to bed.
Steve came over this afternoon and we attempted to teach me how to drive a standard. i stalled quite a bit, but i understand the principles a little better now. i am going to try and go to his house on wednesday for an hour all by myself. hopefully i will be good enough to drive to Lisa’s thursday evening before going to the Beethoven concert. We went to Walmart and i bought some ibprofen (because my prescription version is almost out), a pair of furry socks, some listerine and some comfy undies that will be one size too small after shrinkage in the wash. i am kind of upset about that last bit, but i think since i am supposed to be losing some weight – not that the diet has been working – i will be able to use them as any indicator of how successful i am being because since i don’t have a scale in my bathroom weighing myself is an issue.
Steve and i surfed the internet after dinner (i ate what looked like previously digested pea soup – ick) and we talked about what we are going to do for our six year anniversary in the beginning of october. it was a nice day despite the pounding in my head which made driving even more difficult than it should have been.
well, that’s enough procrastinating – see…there have been three posts this week, that is much better. i am not as optimistic about the webpage however.

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